A Guide to Exploring Nicholas Wells Antiques

Step into Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd, where four distinct collections—Objet De Luxe, Furniture, Antique Lighting, and Art Works—blend tradition and elegance to redefine spaces. Each curated selection, from luxurious decorative items to timeless furniture, illuminating antique lighting, and expressive artworks, tells a story that elevates any interior with sophistication and historical charm. These collections are an invitation to infuse your home with unparalleled beauty and a narrative depth that celebrates craftsmanship across ages and cultures.

Objet de Luxe | Extraordinary!

The page on Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd about “Objet De Luxe” features a unique collection of decorative objects designed to make an instant impact in interior decoration. Highlights include a variety of items like 17th-century bone fly whisks, giltwood lions masks, Burmese lacquer bowls, rare minerals, and distinct accessories perfect for statement pieces. The collection also includes larger collections of objects such as ceremonial drums and overscale vases for both interior and exterior locations, aiming to provide decorators with items that give rooms a unique and exotic atmosphere. Additionally, there’s a focus on social objects crafted for connection and collaboration, including bar carts and games tables, emphasizing quality and style for welcoming spaces. For more details, you can visit the website directly: Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd – Objet De Luxe.

The Furniture Collection

Immerse yourself in the luxurious Furniture collection at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd, where history’s elegance and modern design converge in a spectacular showcase. This collection is an odyssey through time, featuring an unparalleled array of pieces that span centuries. Each item, from the refined grace of Georgian elegance to the bold simplicity of mid-century modern design, is carefully selected for its distinctive character and unparalleled craftsmanship. This journey through the ages is not just about acquiring furniture; it’s about embracing pieces that narrate stories, enrich spaces, and inspire lives. With a focus on quality, beauty, and the art of living, this collection promises to transform your home into a sanctuary of style and history. Explore this exquisite selection and let your space tell a tale of timeless elegance at Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd – Furniture

Lighting ~ Let There be Light

The “Antique Lighting” page on Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd illuminates the art of selecting antique lighting to satisfy personal taste, emphasising the creation of unique and peaceful interiors. It showcases an impressive collection of table lamps, candlesticks, candelabra, wall lights, chandeliers, lanterns, and floor lamps, each curated for their historical significance and ability to create ambiance and drama. This collection invites you to transform your space with lighting that blends artistry and history, enhancing both the beauty and atmosphere of your home. Explore their exquisite selection to find the perfect piece to light up your interiors with a touch of elegance and character. For more details, visit Nicholas Wells Antiques Ltd – Lighting.

A World of Artistic Wonders

Dive into the vibrant collection at Nicholas Wells Antiques, where art transcends time and geography. From exquisite European sculptures and Asian artworks to captivating Oceanic tribal art and historic arms and armour, this collection is a celebration of creativity and craftsmanship. Each piece tells a story, offering a glimpse into the past while enriching contemporary spaces. Discover treasures that promise to transform your surroundings with their unique beauty and historical depth. Explore the collection and find the perfect art piece to illuminate your home with history and style. Discover more.

Arms and Armour
Asian Works of Art
Late 18th Century Grand Tour Bronze Bust of Hadrian
European Sculpture
European Works of Art
Oceanic Clubs

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