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Sir Winston Churchill at his desk in Chartwell with a Dunhill Aquarium Table LighterSir Winston Churchill at his desk with a lit Dunhill Aquarium Table Lighter Perhaps the greatest lighters ever made, Dunhill’s Mid Century Aquarium range are among the most sought and coveted across the globe. The staggering ingeniousness and complexity of composition of each Dunhill Aquarium lighter is a unique story. No two aquariums are the same.

One of Dunhill’s most prestigious clients was Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill. A number of photographs document Churchill at his desk with Dunhill half giant aquarium table lighters. In this picture he sits with a rye smile, looking over the flame of a lit Dunhill aquarium lighter. The lighter itself is out of focus but its form is unmistakable.

It is my absolute pleasure to present my current collection of these outstanding lighters. I have also shared a few of the lighters I have handled over the years. These I call ‘Old Friends’.

It takes great courage to buy a Dunhill Aquarium lighter. I have never once regretted the purchase, but sometimes I do regret the sales. These are great objects full of character and ‘good times’. Few objects have such power.