Animalier Subjects

In the context of art and antiques, “Animalier” subjects refer to a style of sculpture that became popular in the 19th century in France. The term “Animalier” comes from the French word for “animal”, and these sculptures typically depict animals in a realistic and lifelike way.

Animalier sculptures were often created in bronze and were highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts. Some of the most famous Animalier sculptors include Antoine-Louis Barye, Jules Moigniez, and Emmanuel Fremiet.

Animalier art was also popular in other forms, such as paintings and prints. In these works, animals were often depicted in their natural habitats or in action, such as hunting or fighting.

Animalier subjects in art and sculptures are highly valued today for their artistic merit and historical significance of a defining artistic trend of the 19th century.


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