Examples of leather use in the decorative arts of the 18th century:

Here are some examples of how leather was used decoratively during the 18th century:

Regency leather Cabinet
Embossed Regency Leather Two Door Cabinet raised on gilt bronze feet.
  1. Gilt leather wall hangings:

    Gilt leather, also known as embossed or stamped leather, was used to create elaborate wall coverings in wealthy homes. These panels were often embossed with intricate designs and then gilded with gold leaf, creating a luxurious and opulent look. They were used to adorn walls in grand chambers, dining rooms, and reception areas.

  2. Table and furniture coverings:

    Leather was used to cover tabletops, cabinets, and other furniture pieces during the 18th century. It was often embossed and gilded to create a decorative surface.

  3. Bedspreads and cushions:

    Gilt and embossed Leather was used to create bedspreads and cushions. These coverings were often embellished with embossed designs and gilt accents, and they were used to adorn beds, chairs, and sofas in affluent households.

  4. Floor mats:

    Leather floor mats were used in wealthy homes during the 18th century as a decorative and functional element. These mats were often embossed with intricate designs and were used to protect the floors in high-traffic areas, such as entrance halls and corridors.

  5. Screens and Room Dividers:

    Leather screens were used as decorative room dividers during the 18th century. They were made by stretching leather over a wooden frame and were often embellished with painted, embossed designs and gilt accents. Decorated screens were used in grand reception rooms and salons to create private spaces and add a sense of elegance and refinement.

  6. Upholstery:

    Leather was commonly used to upholster seats and cushions in the 18th century. It was often embossed with decorative designs and used to cover chairs, sofas, and other seating furniture in affluent homes. Upholstery added durability to furniture pieces and was favoured by the upper classes.

  7. Saddlery:

    Leather was also used for saddlery, such as horse saddles, bridles, and harnesses, during the 18th century. These goods were often embellished with decorative elements, such as embossed designs, metal studs, and buckles. Additionally, it was used to create utility aprons and belts in industry for protection and carrying tools and other items, which were used by craftsmen and laborers.


During the 18th century, leather was widely used in the decorative arts to create opulent and luxurious interiors in the homes of the wealthy. It was used for wall coverings, table and furniture coverings, bedspreads, floor mats, screens, upholstery, and saddlery, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to interior spaces.


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