Vintage Dunhill Lighter Collection : In Focus

Nicholas Wells Antiques are excited to announce that we have recently acquired an exclusive Vintage Dunhill Lighter Collection. An established, luxury men’s brand, Dunhill is one of the most recognisable names associated with twentieth-century style, glamour, and quality. It is, therefore, no surprise that vintage Dunhill lighters are extremely sought after and collectible.

The History of Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill inherited his father’s London saddlery in 1893. Following the increase in motor car ownership, Alfred developed the business to include motoring accessories, which he called ‘Dunhill’s Motorities’. This included goggles, timepieces, picnic sets, leather coats, and it wasn’t long before the brand became associated with men’s general motoring attire. They opened two shops in Mayfair and had a catalogue of over 1300 items.

In 1904/5, Dunhill introduced their ‘Windshield Pipe’, to help drivers combat the effect of wind and travel on their ability to smoke. This marked both the end of the ‘motorities’ focus and their entry into the world of smoking ephemera, and they shortly opened their first tobacconist in 1907 on Duke Street. The proximity to several esteemed Private Members Clubs around the Mayfair, St James’ area ensured that the venture was a success.

Following the end of the First World War, Dunhill expanded internationally, opening stores in New York and Paris. In 1927, Dunhill launched the Unique Lighter – a revolutionary development resulting in the first lighter to operate with only one hand. Following this, the brand became synonymous with exceptional quality menswear and accessories.

Vintage Dunhill Lighters at Nicholas Wells Antiques

In our new Vintage Dunhill Lighter Collection, we have some exquisite, exciting, and extremely stylish pieces available. Click here to go see the entire Collection and see below for a selection of some of our favourite pieces:

Vintage Dunhill Ship Aquarium Table Lighter
Exceptionally rare Dunhill Aquarium Ship Lighter
Rare Onyx Trilogy Set with Lapis Lazuli Inlay
Rare Dunhill Onyx Trilogy Lighter Set with Lapis Lazuli Inlay
Dunhill Namiki Lacquer Rollogas Lighter
Dunhill Namiki Lacquer Rollagas Lighter
A very rare miniature solid 18k gold Dunhill Petrol cigarette lighter.
A Very Rare Miniature Solid 18k Gold Dunhill Petrol Cigarette Lighter
Dunhill Gold Plated ‘Unique ‘A’ Sports’ Pocket Lighter with Watch Limited Edition
Dunhill Gold Plated ‘Unique ‘A’ Sports’ Pocket Lighter with Watch Limited Edition
Dunhill Longitude Lighter, Cufflink & Watch Set
Dunhill Longitude Lighter, Cufflink & Watch Set

Spellbound By Vintage Dunhill Aquarium Lighters

Please do get in touch if you are interested in any of the fabulous Vintage Dunhill Lighter Collection.