Echoes of Eastern Elegance

This resplendent ebony box transports us to an era where the finest materials and craftsmanship were revered. The elaborate foliate designs, a celebration of nature’s bounty, are meticulously carved on each side, enveloping the box in a tapestry of organic splendor. The punched ground upon which these carvings rest adds a delightful texture that invites touch and closer inspection.

A Portal to Galle’s Heritage

The inlaid bone dots bordering the box’s surfaces are subtle hints at the meticulous attention to detail that artisans of the mid-19th century dedicated to their craft. The depiction of the elephant, a beast synonymous with the grandeur and wisdom in many Eastern cultures, paired with the name “GALLE”, evokes the rich history and international trade significance of this Sri Lankan locale, once a bustling hub of cultural exchange.

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